St Petrox

The Church at the Mouth of the River

St Petrox is the oldest of Dartmouth’s three parish churches and with its stunning location, it is most popular for weddings.

The earliest reference being in 1192 when it is thought to have been referred to in a deed as the ‘monastery of St Peter’. Believed to have provided a light at the harbour entrance, as well as being for the use of residents in South Town (between Bayards Cove and the harbour mouth) this area was at one time part of the neighbouring parish of Stoke Fleming.

It may well be said that the builders ‘builded better than they knew’ for whilst they sought to provide for the every-day needs of their parish by an adequate church and cemetery, they have bequeathed to thousands a powerful impression of the serenity and strength of the Christian Church, founded upon a rock, which neither wind nor wave shall destroy.

The building has limited electric light and heating which means that it is in use mainly through the summer months when Sung Evensong using the Book of Common Prayer, takes place each Sunday at 6.30pm from Easter to September, although the building is open almost every day.